Children’s Theatre Workshop’s Touring Company presents

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

By Maurice Berger

Produced with permission from Pioneer Drama

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with only three characters?  Impossible?!
Not with this enchanting play.

The three characters in the play include Snow White, the wicked queen and a ’stage manager’ who at various times
becomes the huntsman, the handsome young prince and the director for the creative dramatics which are so much a part of the production.  The children in the audience take all of the additional roles.

They become a forest, the dwarfs, and even participate as part of the stage crew in putting together the sets. They don’t just watch the show, they participate! This play is designed to perform for one or two classes at a time WITHOUT requiring teachers to rearrange the room. Students may even sit at their desks if preferred!

CTW recommends Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for audiences 5-9 years old–and their adults!

Snow White Cast and Crew:

Rebecca Schmidt: Snow White
Trina Friedberg: Evil Queen
Alex Zerby: Stage Manager

Directed By: Aimee Rid

The Tour: 2019-2020 School Year

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is available for booking weekdays, between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm, between December 16, 2019 and May 29, 2020 for schools, youth organizations, after-school programs, etc. Organizations with summer programs can request June-August performances, too! Please read the “Booking and Performance Requirements” tab below, and fill out the “Touring Application.”


One performance, booked no less than three weeks in advance: $80.00
Two performances, booked no less than three weeks in advance: $150.00
Late booking fee: $20.00

Please note that we will not perform for more than 50 audience members at a time, to ensure the quality of our product and the audience’s experience.

CTW’s Touring Program is made possible in part by state tax dollars allocated by the Ohio Legislature to the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). The OAC is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically.

Booking and Performance Requirements

Touring Requirements for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Booking Requirements/Process:

  • Booking applications for Snow White must be completed no less than three (3) weeks before the requested date.
  • If the booking application is completed after three (3) weeks before the requested date, you must pay a late booking fee in addition to the performance fee. This is to encourage venues to give CTW’s cast and crew adequate notice for their own scheduling.
  • CTW will likely not consider requests further than a 45 minute radius from its home base in Toledo, OH.
  • CTW’s production of Snow White is designed for no more than 50 audience members at a time. These are meant to be intimate performances with one or two classrooms of children.
  • If your booking is approved, you will receive a confirmation from the CTW office and an invoice for your records.
  • The CTW office will call you no less than three (3) business days before the performance, to verify details.

The Performance Venue Must provide:

  • a place for the Children’s Theatre Workshop cast to park.
  • a place for the actors to change their clothes and access to a bathroom.
  • access to a working electric outlet no further than 25 feet from the performance space–we will provide electric cords.
  • a space large enough for the actors to perform and adequate seating space for the audience–we are prepared to perform inside a classroom WITHOUT the teacher moving desks, or only moving desks minimally. Students MAY sit at their desks during the performance!
  • payment in full for the performance no later than the day of the performance.

Snow White Touring Application