CTW’s Touring Company Presents

Children’s Theatre Workshop’s Touring Company offers the opportunity for schools, libraries, parks, and other community venues to bring live theatre directly to their kids! Our shows feature adult actors performing stories intended for young audiences. You provide the location and we bring in the actors, set, and props, and the story begins! Touring shows are generally between 45-60 minutes long and are intended for Elementary and Middle school students.

CTW’s Touring Company’s current show is Balloonacy by Barry Kornhauser

It starts so simply: A red balloon drifts through the window of a solitary old man’s home. But then some serious silliness begins – with things fast becoming so magical and so blissfully fun, you barely notice that along the way you’ve learned something about the extraordinarily transformative power of play! Without a single spoken word, this sweet, inventive, and uplifting show – packed with plenty of playful shtick, along with touching reminders of the ups and downs of building a friendship – is a tender and laugh-filled delight for the little ones (and the big ones, too)!

Winner of the AATE Distinguished Play Award


“Balloonacy can simply be described as the best first play for kids that I’ve seen.” – Thrifty Minnesota


“The man and the balloon become friends, play silly games together, and utterly charm the audience. All without saying a word. …Balloonacy tells a story about the universal theme of friendship, using the universal language of pantomime. We loved the show and we think you will, too. The bottom line: This show is a lot of fun for all audiences and all ages.” – Seattle Parent Map


“Reparation of the soul is what Balloonacy delivers. …What happens is both hilarious and touching…the emotional range beautifully traversed. …Surreal delight. …The small miracle of this production [is] the intimacy created.” – Naveed Moeed, Raleigh-based Theater Critic


Description and reviews from Plays for New Audiences

Bring a theatrical performance to your school or organization!

Our Touring Company can come to your school, classroom, or other group! Tours are $100 for one performance or $175 for two performances.

Maximum number of audience members is 50 people.
Balloonacy runs about 45 minutes and is available to book Mon-Fri 9:00 am-4:00 pm, end of May-Dec 2023.

Balloonacy Touring Request
Balloonacy is available from late May until Dec 2023

CTW’s Touring Program is made possible in part by state tax dollars allocated by the Ohio Legislature to the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). The OAC is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically.