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The Quest for Quasi

December 10-11, 2021   6:00 pm
December 12, 2021   2:00 pm

The Historic Ohio Theatre
3112 Lagrange Street

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By Darlene Gonzalez

When Red Riding Hood wins a date with Quasimodo, the famous Hunchback of Notre Dame, on “The Dating Game,” she has a hunch she may have found the man of her dreams.  But all this changes when the Wicked Witch of the West breaks up their date at McDonald’s and demands three items of power from Red — the sword in the stone, Captain Hook’s hook and the Blue Fairy’s wand.  Red has only 24 hours to acquire the said articles while Quasi is held hostage in the Wicked Witch’s castle.  Will Red get her hunch back?  Will the Wicked Witch keep her end of the bargain?  And if not, can Red and Quasi figure out a way to outwit her and end her wicked reign once and for all?

Tickets are $6 for students and seniors, and $8 for general admission. Seating is reserved. Audiences are required to wear masks while they are inside the Ohio Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at online or at the door. There is no streaming option for this performance.

Children’s Theatre Workshop’s Presents

River Rat and Cat
By Y York

December 19, 2021

No one has ever understood the mysterious friendship of River Rat and Cat. From the day fastidious River Rat hauled a drowning sodden Cat from a sinking basket (thinking Cat was some unique collectible), all of the river creatures have been dismayed by the camaraderie of this unlikely duo. Cat proved to be imaginative, grand, fussy and thoroughly needy, while Rat is material, practical and thoroughly self-reliant.

Lately, Rat has become frazzled by Cat’s demands and has undertaken a program to make Cat more self-sufficient. However, Cat is determined to remain a pampered feline. Unbeknownst to River Rat and Cat, their downstream neighbor, Dale Beaver, has cast an eye on the one remaining tree, a tree currently owned by River Rat and inhabited by Cat. Beaver needs this tree if the Dale Beaver Dam is to remain the tallest on the river. Beaver must break up this friendship so that Rat will evict Cat. It’s a Keystone Kops kind of komedy for kids and their kin.

River Rat and Cat is designed for ages 4-9 and their adults! River Rat and Cat is approximately 45 minutes long.

Brought to you in partnership with the City of Toledo