The Locker Next 2 Mine (Feb 2015)

***Please note: Due to the themes and some adult language in this production, we recommend parents exercise their judgment when bringing elementary-aged children to the play***
FEB 27, 2015 AT 7 PM – FEB 28, 2015 AT 7 PM
Play synopsis: For Alisa, it’s already tough being a mid-year arrival in her junior year. To make matters worse, her locker is next to a sprawling shrine for Beth Turner, a lacrosse player who died a year earlier. While Alisa tries to eke out space for her books, the popular “M Squad” harasses the rest of the school into a state of non-stop remembrance for Beth. But when Alisa befriends Brady, a former student reporter, she discovers another recent death that was completely overshadowed by Beth’s, leaving many students feeling isolated. Can the students band together to acknowledge these losses and begin to heal?