The Teen Company

Teen Company students attend one-hour, age-specific classes, on Saturday mornings for 10 weeks. All Teen Company members are encouraged to audition for a role in that semester’s play.

Teen Company are also encouraged to assist with technical responsibilities for the Players and Ensemble productions, such as Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Props Crew, Light Board Operator, and Sound Board Operator.

Teen Company Theatre Class

  Students will: Focus on the audition process, working on monologues and cold reads, study movement and voice to appropriately portray a character in performance, generate interpretations of scenes & characters, and learn to take risks in creating character choices–failure & making mistakes is part of the process!

Spring 2023 Class Times for Teen Company
January 21-March 18, 2023 (Saturdays)
10:15-11:15 am OR 11:30-12:30 pm

Registration is closed for Teen Company Spring 2023

When Nina enters her first air guitar competition, she thinks winning will be easy. But as she befriends a group of charismatic nerds all committed to becoming the next champion, she discovers that there’s more to this art form than playing pretend; it’s about finding yourself in your favorite songs, and performing with raw joy. Will Nina be able to let go and set herself free onstage? Following her mission to shred or be shredded, Airness is an exuberant reminder that everything we need to rock is already inside us. A comedy about competition, completion, and finding the airness inside yourself.

Performs March 31-April 2, 2023

Musical Theatre Ages 13-18

Our “triple threat” students will learn theatrical singing techniques, basic choreography, and acting while singing and dancing.

Spring 2023 Class Times for Musical Theatre Ages 13-18:
January 21-March 25, 2023 (Saturdays)
11:30 am-12:30 pm

Musical Theatre Ages 13-18 Class is cancelled for Spring 2023 due to lack of enrollment. Hope to see you in fall!

Devising Class 13-15 year olds

Students interested in playwrighting will enjoy this collaborative script-writing class. Students write two short scripts every year, which get produced in the short sessions! Devising has a maximum of 10 students. Students must have enrolled in previous theatre classes, or demonstrate comparable experience in theatre.

Spring 2023 Class Times for Devising:

January 21-March 11, 2023 (Saturdays)
11:15 am-12:30 pm

Registration is closed – Check back in March for summer theatre options!

Technical Theatre Class Ages 10-18
This class focuses on the design, production prep, and backstage work of producing a play! Maximum of 12 students.

Spring 2023 Class Times for Technical Theatre:
January 18-March 22, 2023
6:00-7:30 pm
This class now meets Wednesdays

Students in this class will be invited to participate in work days and tech weeks, but it is not required for class participation.


Registration is closed – Check back in March for summer theatre options!

Tuition Costs

For information about scholarship, click here.

Families making 300% or less of the federal poverty line should apply for Ohio ACE vouchers to fully pay for any CTW class!

Theatre Class: $180 per semester
Musical Theatre Class: $75 per semester
Technical Theatre Class: $90 per semester
Devising: $75 per semester
Creative and Brave Company: FREE

All programs $50 or more include a payment plan option during registration.
For sibling discounts, please email the office.

The Creative and Brave Company (Teen Devising Club)

“Be creative and be brave and rise to the occasion of your own ideas.” -Vanessa German

This is a free program offered for any Toledo-area teen interested in creating original theatre around relevant topics. You do not have to be enrolled in any of CTW’s other programs to participate, but you do need to register so we can have your information on hand.

Teens in this program will brainstorm, tell stories, research, interview, and devise an original theatre piece about a topic of the group’s choosing. Topics have included mental health/illness, body politics, and gun violence in schools.

Email Aimee at if you have questions.

This program has already begun, so registration is closed.


CBC Schedule for 2023
(Tentative and subject to change)
Program meets at the Ohio Theatre unless specified it meets at Collingwood Arts Center (CAC)

February 22nd: First meeting of CBC, 6-7 pm (CAC)

March 1st: Production prep, 6-7 pm 

March 8th: Auditions, 6-7:30 pm 


March 15th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

March 22nd: 6-8 pm rehearsal

March 29th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

April 1st: 2-4 pm rehearsal (CAC)

April 4th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

April 8th: No rehearsal, holiday weekend

April 11th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

April 12th: 6-8 pm rehearsal to make up for April 8th

April 15th: 2-4 pm rehearsal (at CAC)

April 18th: 6-8 pm rehearsal (at CAC)

April 22nd: 2-4 pm rehearsal (at CAC)

April 25th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

April 29th: 2-4 pm rehearsal

May 2nd: 6-8 pm rehearsal

May 6th: 2-4 pm rehearsal

May 9th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

May 13th: 2-4 pm rehearsal

May 16th: no rehearsal, Ensemble tech week

May 20th: no rehearsal, Ensemble performances

May 23rd: 6-8 pm rehearsal

May 25th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

May 30th: 6-8 pm rehearsal

June 1st: 6-8 pm rehearsal

June 5th: 6-9 pm rehearsal (tech week)

June 6th: 6-9 pm rehearsal (tech week)

June 7th: 6-9 pm rehearsal (tech week)

June 8th: 6-9 pm rehearsal (tech week)

June 9th: 7 pm performance

June 10th: 7 pm performance

Important Dates for Teen Company Spring 2023

January 6, 2023
Scholarship applications are due
Families making 300% or less of the federal poverty line should apply for Ohio ACE vouchers to fully pay for any CTW class!

January 21, 2023
First day of Saturday classes

January 28 or 24, 2023
Auditions for Airness (this may change)

January 27, 2023
Cast list posted (this date may be flexible)

January 30, 2023
Rehearsals for Airness begin (this may change)

March 18, 2023
Last day of Saturday classes

March 31-April 2, 2023
Performances of Airness: High School Edition

Registrations for Summer 2023 open March 2023!