by Edith Weiss
When the immature and power hungry Princess Cecily drops a dirty shoe into Maggie’s water bucket, our heroine sees the stark contrast between the pampered lives of the royals and the powerless and poor lives of the villagers. Angered, she puts a bucket on her head and wears the princess’s dirty shoe, proclaiming herself “The UnPrincess of Forlorn.” While her mockery of the royals was meant to be in jest, it actually helps the villagers start to see the injustice and absurdity of living powerless under their rulers, and they start to think that maybe Maggie should be their queen for real. Loaded with delightful physical humor and populated with colorful characters such as Sir Sneedly, Knight of the Pompous Sword, Queen Aubrey, who hides a terrible secret, and Professor Pythagoras, who tries to convince everyone that the earth is round.

Performed March 27-29, 2015 in the Tansey-Zimmerman Theatre.

Directed by Trina Friedberg.