Players (Ages 7-9)

The Players

Children ages 7-9 continue their CTW experience in the Players Company. Players Company students attend one-hour, age-specific classes, on Saturday mornings for 10 weeks OR Tuesday nights for 8 weeks. All Players Company members are encouraged to audition for a role in that semester’s play, which is presented weeks after classes have concluded.

Theatre Classes for The Players Company

7-8 year olds

Introduction to theatre, using play and story drama to introduce character development. Students will begin to practice auditioning and basic theatrical terms. This class is for all 7 year olds, and 8 year olds who are new to CTW’s programs.

8-9 year olds

Slightly more advanced than the younger class, this class starts delving more seriously into character development using improvisational  activities. More advanced theatre terms and script work are introduced in this class as well. This class is for all 9 year olds, and 8 year olds who have previous experience in CTW’s programs.

About Order Up!
By Kameron Klitgaard

(Fall 2022 play for Players Company)

When it comes to fast food, people are particular – very particular.  In this quick succession of quirky customers, the Order Up!  restaurant takes on everything from weird food allergies to fanatical health inspectors, from the fear of eating to someone wanting to hide in the restroom, and on and on and on.  Could there be a moment of sanity for the three employees who work behind this fast-food counter?

(Description taken from Pioneer Drama)

December 9-11, 2022
2:00 pm and 5:00 pm*

*Times are tentative and will be finalized after casting

Fall 2022 Class Times for
7-9 year olds:

September 10-November 12, 2022 (Saturdays)
10:15-11:15 am OR 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Registration is closed


September 6-October 25, 2022 (Tuesdays)
5:45-7:00 pm
Registration is closed 

Tuition Costs

$150 per semester
Payment plans split payments into three payments of $50
Siblings get 10% off–contact the office for details.

Families making 300% or less of the federal poverty line should apply for Ohio ACE vouchers to fully pay for any CTW class!

For information about scholarships, click here.

Important Dates for Players Company Fall 2022

August 30, 2022
Scholarship applications are due
Families making 300% or less of the federal poverty line should apply for Ohio ACE vouchers to fully pay for any CTW class!

September 3, 2022
Last day to register for Fall 2022

September 6, 2022
First day of Tuesday class for fall semester

September 10, 2022
First day of Saturday classes for the Fall semester

September 24 or 27, 2022
Auditions for Order Up!
(After Saturday and Tuesday Players classes)

September 30, 2022
Cast list posted (this date may be flexible)

October 3, 2022
Rehearsals for Order Up! begin
(this date may be flexible)

October 25, 2022
Last day of Tuesday classes

November 12, 2022
Last day of Saturday classes

December 9-11, 2022
Performances of Order Up!

Registrations for Winter 2023 opens November 2022!