Past Shows

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2022-2023 Season

Players Company (ages 7-9)Order Up! (Dec 2022), The Monster Hunters (Apr 2023)
Ensemble Company (ages 10-12)Carbohydrate Catastrophe (Jan 2023), Stargazer (May 2023)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) She Kills Monsters (Nov 2022), Airness (Mar-Apr 2023)
The Collective (ages 15-18) The Tempest (Feb 2023)
Creative and Brave Company Bulletproof Backpack by Eric Coble (June 2023)
Touring CompanyThe Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus
Musicals (Summer 2023)Annie KIDS (ages 7-9), Chaplin (ages 13-18), Beauty and the Beast Jr. (ages 10-16)

2021-2022 Season

Players Company (ages 7-9)Quest for Quasi (Dec 2021), Emperor’s Old Clothes (Apr-May 2022)
Ensemble Company (ages 10-12)Goodbye Dear Friend (Jan 2022), Homesick (May 2022)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) Clue High School Edition (Nov 2021), MacBeth (April 2022)
The Collective (ages 15-18) Last Five Years (Feb 2022)
Creative and Brave Company To Each Their Own Madness (Apr 2022)
Touring CompanyRiver Rat and Cat
Musicals (Summer 2022)Magic Treehouse Pirates Past Noon (ages 7-9), Crazy For You (ages 13-18), Willy Wonka Jr. (ages 10-16)

2020-2021 Season

Pandemic short plays:
Dec 2020 
Always Pay Your Employees, Frankie, Big Picture, Action News, A Murdered Mystery, Alicia
Jan 2021 – Always Pay Your Employees, A Murdered Mystery, Alicia, Frankie, Big Picture, Action News
March 2021
 – Cake for the Queen, The Haunted Store, Ghost Waiting Room, Greek Olympiaganza, Founding Fathers
May 2021Nerdbullies, Charming Princes, After the Hill, Catnapping, Starving Monkeys, Help Desk, 1300, Action News
Musical – Honk Jr (Apr 2021)
The Collective (ages 15-18) The Yellow Boat (Jan 2021)
Musicals (Summer 2021)101 Dalmatians (ages 7-9), Into The Woods (ages 13-18), Dear Edwina Jr. (ages 10-16)

2019-2020 Season

Players Company (ages 7-9)Trio! (Oct 2019), Rapunzel 
Ensemble Company (ages 10-12)You Only Live Nine Times (Dec 2019), Who are You Really? (July 2020)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) Don and Wally (Nov 2019), Radium Girls
The Collective (ages 15-18) – 21 Chump Street: The Musical (Jan 2020)

2018-2019 Season

Players Company (ages 7-9)The Entire American Revolution (Oct 2018), Silver’s Secret (Mar 2019)
Ensemble Company (ages 10-12)A Fish Called John (Dec 2018), The Disappearance (May 2019)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) Little Women (Nov 2018), Les Examables (Apr 2019)
Creative and Brave Company This Way Isn’t Working (May 2019)
Festival of Shorts at CTW
(Apr 2019)
Musicals (Summer 2019)The Mystery of Edwin Drood (ages 13-18), Seussical (ages 10-16)

2017-2018 Season

Players Company (ages 7-9)The Adventures of Rose Red (Nov 2017), Be Careful What You Wish For (Mar 2018)
Ensemble Company (ages 10-12)The Adventures of Jacob and Ricky (Dec 2017), Quiet Backstage Or The Teacher Will Eat You (May 2018)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) Halloween One Acts (Oct 2017), Once Upon a Teen (Apr 2018)
The Creative and Brave Company – Apologies In Advance (May 2018)
Touring CompanyThe Imaginators
Musicals (Summer 2018)Disney’s The Little Mermaid

2016-2017 Season

Early StagesFall 2016 production
Players Company (ages 7-9)Gran’s Guide to Stop an Ogre (Oct 2016), The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring (Mar 2017)
Ensemble Company (ages 10-12)I Did It All For The Cookie (Dec 2016), The Time We Went To Yarn Land (May 2017)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) Empowered (Apr 2017)
The Creative and Brave Company – Good Evening, I’m Mentally Ill (May 2017)
Musicals (Summer 2017)Grease (Ages 13-18), Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Jr

2015-2016 Season

Players Company (ages 5-8)Stories Under the Big Top (Oct-Nov 2015), Once Upon a Crime: The Trial of Goldilocks (Mar 2016)
Ensemble Company (ages 9-12)Can’t Touch This (Dec 2015), The Sculpture Next 2 Mine (Apr-May 2016)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) And a Child Shall Lead (Nov 2015), I Hate Shakespeare! (Apr 2016)
The Creative and Brave Company – 
Musicals (Summer 2016)Fame, Jr,  Free to Be You and Me

2014-2015 Season

Players Company (ages 5-8)Super Duck (Nov 2014), The Unprincess (Mar 2015)
Ensemble Company (ages 9-12)The Gibler Family (Dec 2014)
Teen Company (ages 13-16+) Crazytown (Oct 2014), The Locker Next 2 Mine (Feb 2015)
Musicals (Summer 2015)Wizard of Oz