Goodbye Dear Friend (Jan 2022)

Ensemble presents “Goodbye Dear Friend”, written by Rachael Campbell, Jackie Cierniak, Liam Close, Greyson Dillman, Rilyn Graybeal, Cooper Kruse, Kylie Pesina, Drake Rothe, Braelyn Sayre, and John Simpson


Red wants nothing to do with with rich, weird family, but when Grandma Katherine dies, it’s time for a funeral. Weird and concerning things start happening right away, and not just the ridiculous bickering over the will. Can Red sort things out and get back to normal life, or will things turn deadly?


Cast A performs:
Jan 13th at 6 pm
Jan 15th at 3 pm
Jan 16th at 3 pm


Cast B performs:
Jan 14th at 6 pm
Jan 15th at 6 pm
Jan 16th at 6 pm


The Historic Ohio Theatre
3112 Lagrange Street

Tickets are $6 for students and seniors, and $8 for general admission. Seating is reserved. Tickets can be purchased at online or at the door. There is no streaming option for this performance.

Click here or on the image below for the full playbill.

Cast A collage
Cast B collage