Festival of Shorts at CTW (Apr 2019)

Come see our staging of the student-written short plays!
For our first collaboration with Horizon Youth Theatre of Bowling Green, we will present six short plays on April 5th and 6th at CTW’s Tansey-Zimmerman Theatre.
These plays were written by HYT and CTW students, many of whom worked with a mentor to receive guidance on their stories. They received feedback from their mentors as well as a panel of readers, and after re-writes, THESE were the plays that were selected for performance!
“History In a Nutshell” by Chloe Collins and Terise Stevens
“The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Witch…and Her Pet Unicorn” by Izzie and Maddie Milks
“Will to Remember” by Eli Marx
“A Girl Lost Between the Seasons” by Tierny Fox
“Games of the Gods” by Charlie Vostal
“Sidetracked” by Lauren Peppers and Julia Barnett
This is a free event, donations accepted! We expect this to be an 80-90 minute event with a short intermission.