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Theatre As A Civic Right

You know what improvisation is, right? “Improv,” to use the theatre slang. (See, now you’re cool.) (Just kidding, theatre kids are never cool.) It’s pretty entertaining stuff. I love improv. We teach improvisation at Chidren’s Theatre Workshop as our core curriculum for a couple of reasons: it’s accessible (no reading, don’t always have to speak […]

The Enemy of Better

I have a teacher friend who recently started making a small portion of her assignments impossible to get a hundred percent on. The best they can get is a 95%. The point is to demonstrate that their best work still has room for improvement. That even if you did everything technically correct, it’s not 100% […]

“The Last Five Years”

I’m closing up my fifth year serving as the executive artistic director for CTW and of course with that comes a degree of reflection. Partly because it’s a healthy practice and partly because whoa. So much has happened since 2012. Part of me wants to strike my foot to the ground and declare myself “Amazing/awesome/no […]